Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Article 1 Introduction

Item 1 (Objective)
This is to define the condition, procedure, and other necessary contents of service users about the website (kgi.ai) operated by Korea Gamification Institute, Inc.(“Company”)

Item 2 (Definition of terms)
The terms are defined as follows.
① Member: Person who inputs the basic member information and gets the ID through the registration process
② ID: Combination of character and number selected by the member and authorized by Company to identify the member and user the service by member
③ Password: Combination of characters and numbers to protect the secret of users in the online channel
④ Cancellation: Cease the usage by Company or member

Item 3 (Disclosure, effectiveness, and change)
① These terms & conditions are disclosed in the member registration screen, and the Company can change this in case of important operational issues. The changed
terms & conditions will be disclosed in the notice section.
② These terms & conditions and modified versions will be effective after disclosing to users.

Item 4 (Other Rules)
If undisclosed items in these terms & conditions are applied into relevant regulations such as ‘Telecommunications Business Act’, ‘Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection’, ‘Act On the Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, etc.’, ‘Act On the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, ‘Act On the Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Transactions, etc.’, ‘Digital Signature Act’, ‘Act On Expansion of Dissemination and Promotion of Utilization of Information System’, ‘Consumer Protection Act’, these regulations should be abided by.

Article 2 Usage contract

Item 5 (Usage application)
① Applicant agrees with the privacy policy and these terms & conditions in member registration, and can apply after the registration process (writing the application form of the Company and clicking ‘Apply’).
② Applicant should use the real name and information, and only apply by one unique birthdate.
③ In case of not entering real names and information, the member cannot get the legal protection and restraint of service use.

Item 6 (Acceptance of use)
① According to Item 5, the Company accepts the use of service.
② The Company can hold the acceptance until making clear about the following cases.
1) No additional room about service-related facilities
2) Technical problems
3) Other recognized cases by the Company
③ The Company may not accept for the following cases
. 1) Application by other people’s name
2) Application by entering the false user information
3) Application against the public order
4) Lack of requirements set by the Company

Article 3 Responsibility of parties

Item 7 (Responsibility of Company)
① The Company is responsible for stable and consistent website operation.
② The Company should immediately deal with any right opinion or complaint from users.
But, if it is hard for the Company to take the immediate handling, the Company must notify the reason and process schedule in the notice section or email to users.
③ In the case of ①, there are exceptions such as a request by relevant authorities and Korea Internet Safety Commission, or valid warrants, or other related laws.

Item 8 (Responsibility of Users)
① User should understand and keep these terms & conditions, notice by the Company, and guidelines for website use, and must not do action against the Company’s work.
② Without the Company’s pre-authorization, the user cannot take any action for profit by using this website.
③ Without the Company’s pre-authorization, users cannot use the information acquired in this website to copy, edit, translate, publish, broadcast, or provide to others.

Article 4 Provide and use the service

Item 9 (Use the service)
① Member should abide by the regulations in these terms & contracts for using the website.
② Any other terms for using the service not being addressed in this term & conditions can be published in FAQ or separately noticed by the Company.

Item 10 (Provide the information)
The Company can provide various information which is recognized to be necessary for members, through email, etc.

Item 11 (Publish the advertisement)
① In regards to the service operation, the Company can publish the advertisement, etc in the webpage and/or email, etc.
② The Company is not responsible for any losses or damages from the results of communication or transaction between members and promotion of advertisers in the website.

Item 12 (Restraint of service usage)
In case of the following about website use, the Company can restrain the use of relevant users.
① Bad for public or social order
② Officially recognized cases related to criminals.
③ Noticeable disturb the service use of others or damage the reputation of others
④ Continuously send the contents against others’ thoughts or advertisement information,etc
⑤ Prevent the sound service operation by hacking and computer viruses, etc.
⑥ Intellectual property of other users or third parties is infringed, or the holder of intellectual property can be judged to express his or her right.
⑦ Steal the others’ ID and password
⑧ Other illegal cases. The Company considers users as being inappropriate.

Item 13 (Cease the service)
The Company can stop to provide all or part of service for the following.
① Business company related to Enforcement Decree of the Telecommunications Business Act or internet service provider suddenly stops the service.
② Service is not possible by a blackout.
③ Exceptional cases such as movement, repairmen or construction of facilities
④ Normal service is not possible because of malfunction of service facilities or ruse of service use, etc.
⑤ Force majeure cases

Item 14 (Contents management)
For sound telecommunication culture and effective website operation, the Company can arbitrarily delete the contents, move the data, or refuse the registration, in the case that the contents which users publish or provide are subject to Item 12.

Item 15 (Responsibility of service use)
Users cannot perform the business of selling the illegal products in this service except the authorized and detailed cases by the Company with signature, and hacking,
for-profit advertisement, commercial activities through porn sites, illegal commercial software offer are not allowed. The Company is not responsible for any violations or legal actions regarding these, etc.

Article 5 (Order and payment)

Item 16 (Payment)
Member can pay by various cards such as pre-paid or credit, etc. about the products sold by the Company. In this case, the Company does not collect any other fees except the products’ price itself about the payment method.
① If the Company has the order from users, the confirmation notice will be made to users. The confirmation can be checked in the related board of the website.
② If the users get the confirmation of receipt, they can ask for the change or cancellation of order right after getting the confirmation except for the inconformity of expression. Upon the request of users, the Company processes this without hesitation. But, if the payment is already made, item 18 is applied.

Item 17 (Delivery policy)
① If there is no separate agreement about delivery with users, the Company takes necessary actions including making and packing to be able to deliver within seven days after the payment.
② In the website below, the Company expresses the delivery method, party assuming the delivery fee, and delivery period, etc. about the users of the purchase of the product. If the Company does not meet the scheduled delivery deadline, losses of users will be remedied. However, if the Company proves no intentional negligence by the Company, the Company waives its responsibility.

Item 18 (Cancellation and return policy)
In case of non-delivery by sold-out, the Company must notify the reasons to users. If the Company already gets the money, the money will be refunded, or a refund process will be made within three days after getting the money.
① In case of canceling the payment by users before delivery, the Company cancels the order and card payment approval.
② Cancelling the payment after delivery is not possible. However, in regards to the damage or deterioration of products from the negligence of the Company or delivery problem, the Company takes to return, refund, and exchange procedure about the purchased products.

Article 6 Others

Item 19 (Indemnification)
① The Company waives its responsibility of providing service in case of force majeure.
② The Company is not responsible for any results that occurred among users or between users and third parties.
③ The Company is not responsible for the correctness and reliability of facts about information, data, and contents, etc. which are published on the website by users. Users should use this website with their responsibility.
④ Users take all responsibilities related to any losses or disadvantages from publishing or transmitting data by users, selection of data, or other free service use.
⑤ Users are responsible for losses related to managing ID/password and carelessness of users, or false use by third parties.
⑥ In case of losses of the Company about the violation of these terms & conditions by users, users must remedy all losses of the Company.

Item 20 (Consent to provide and use the personal credit information)
According to item 23 of the Credit Information Use and Protection Act, the personal credit information acquired by the Company for member registration needs to be agreed upon by users. Through this consent, users agree that the users’ credit information in member registration can be provided to the credit bureau for evaluating the credit or using as policy data by public entities.
Item 21 (Dispute resolution)
① Company and user must take all necessary efforts to solve the dispute in a friendly way.
② Despite ①, any lawsuit about the dispute is governed by the relevant court which covers the Company’s legal address.

This is effective from Jan. 10th, 2022.